The first step in implementing a new data network or upgrading an existing one is to understand the needs and financial capabilities of our client, in order to provide the most reliable and efficient solution, with prospects for future expansion.

Smartnet, with many years of experience in network studies and installations, undertakes to study the current infrastructure of your space, to carefully design the most efficient and secure structure of a new network and to install structured wiring and equipment.

In more detail we undertake:

  • Existing network study (if it is available)
  • Mapping and recording sockets
  • New network design, wiring topology design and cost budget
  • Equipment supply (cables, routers, HUBS, sockets, etc.)
  • Construction of telephone and data network network (voice & data)
  • Install Patch Panel, Rack and Server
  • Configure computers and all devices on the network
  • Connectivity testing and certification of good operation
  • Network security control (firewall, content filtering, etc.)
  • Information and training on the use of the new network