Smartnet has the right solution for you: Fast, cheap and secure remote technical assistance to any computer and operating system of your business, which allows our technicians to access your computer through a free special remote connection program and fix any problems that have arisen.

By giving the right access to our technicians, they connect to your company's computer via the Internet and control its operation, while you can see the corrective actions they are taking. So you enjoy a fast, instant, cheap and 100% safe solution to your computer's problems, without having to move your computer to a repair shop or wait for an appointment with a technician to diagnose its problems on the spot.

Download TeamViewer for Remote Support Download TeamViewer for Remote Support

Remote support works such as:

  • Virus detection and removal and antivirus protection program installation
  • Installation of programs
  • Creating email accounts and retrieving security codes
  • Optimizing computer performance
  • Backup
  • Install updates for faster computer operation
  • And of course, if the problem is not solved remotely, you can send your system (computer, laptop, tablet) to our company or visit your business to solve it.

Very important:

Smartnet, through technical support contracts for companies and businesses, provides full coverage for PC tasks and problems such as:

  • Software repair in Windows or Apple Mac Os X environment
  • Computer upgrade (with larger hard drive, additional RAM, new motherboard, etc.)
  • Back up your files (backup)
  • Recover lost data
  • Purchase, install and configure new computers
  • Data migration
  • Installation of computer network and internet connection (internet)
  • Install and maintain your PBX call center
  • Moving your company to new offices
  • What changes with the technical support contract?

In essence, you are pre-purchasing working hours, both in terms of troubleshooting a technical visit to your office and remote support, at a lower price than the price list. In fact, the more hours a contract involves, the higher the discount on the original value.